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Sound Recordist selected credits


C4/Whisper TV: The Talk

BBC2/Douglas Road Productions: Hidden History of Classical Music

BBC4/Douglas Road Productions: The story of Gospel in 6 songs

BBC1/Burning Bright Productions: Lenny Henry - The Commonwealth kid

Discovery/Angel Eye Media: Curvy Brides Boutique (series1-3)

BBC2/Voltage TV: Inside the Factory - Series 4

TVT Productions/BBC4: When Tariq Ali Met Malcolm X

Discovery/Blink Films: Treasures /Series 5 - The Lost Princess

BBC1/Directors Cut Productions: The Southbank Show - Doris Lessing

BBC1/Angel Eye Media: My Big Beautiful Wedding Dress

C4/Pioneer Productions: Russian Meteors in Cardiff - The storm that stole Christmas. 

USA/JV Production USA Selling London

C4/Matchlight: Britain’s Wicca Man

Discovery Science USA/Smithereen: An Idiot Abroad

ITV Studios: Bob Woodward

National Geographic: Jacques Rougerie “Sea Orbiter”

BBC East: Outside Broadcast for The Politic Show and election debate.

BBC:The Culture Show Peeping Tom

BBC/ZCZ Films: The Impressionists

UKTV/Optomen Television: Rationbook Britain

ITV: Luxury homes and new homes from Hell 

C4/Maverick: Embarrassing Teen Bodies

C4/CTVC: The Secret of the Cross 

ITV/Optomen: Police Camera Action

C4/Maverick: Embarrassing Illnesses Special

BBC2/Optomen: Mary Queen of Shops series 2

BBC: Imagine - Doris Lessing

ITV/Optomen Television: Police Camera Action

BBC2/Optomen Television:Great British Menu

C4/Optomen Television: Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares series 3

BBC2/Optomen Television: Kitchen Criminals

Discovery /Ricochet: The World’s Toughest Tribes

C4/Maverick: Ten Years Younger

C4/Darlow Smithson:  Alive: McKinley Nightmare at 20,000 feet

C4/World of Wonder: Hitler: The Comedy Years

C4/Special Edition Films: Coming out on Class 

BBC3/World of Wonder: Welcome to my World: Dart Tarts

C4/World of Wonder: Sex in the 80s: Pop Sex

C4/Special Edition Films: Baby Ball                     

C4/Redback Films: Bodyshock - I Gave Birth to a Mummy

Magic Flute Productions: Magic Flute workshop directed by Kenneth Branagh    



Various corporate shoots including for BDA, Edcoms, COI, Illumina Digital, CTN Communications, Smithereen, Todo media Ltd, Wag TV, Glasshead Ltd, Disney, Crown Business Communications, EyeD Creative, Amanda Aderson and Associates, Team Media, Main Media, Radley Yeldar Belong, Munderbar, Top Banana, Hound Dog Films.



Top Banana: Danone

Team Media: The body shop / Molton Brown

Munderbar: F1 Monaco / Red bull 

Top Trumps: Star Wars and Harry Potter 

The French Accent: Giorgio Armani perfumes 

Supergrizzly/PictureBox promo



The Open University/Angel Eye Media: Various educational projects including filming in Senegal, Germany and Indonesia

BBC/Angel Eye Media: various education projects for BBC Learning/Bitesize

Observational series 

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