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Rafick Affejee

Currently based in London, Rafick grew up in La Réunion, a French department situated in the Indian Ocean.

At 18 years old, he moved to France to pursue his passion for sound production and graduated as a sound engineer from the University of Marseille in 1997. He travelled to Morocco, Eastern Europe and India producing several soundscape projects from his journeys.

Rafick worked primarily as a location sound recordist in France before moving to London in 2003.

As well as working in broadcast television, corporate and the commercial sector, he has filmed, produced and directed two personal documentaries that reflects the complexity of the migrants' identity. His first short film, “Weekend in London” was followed by the full-length documentary “Since I left” completed in 2020. He has created intimate films by gaining the trust of his contributors, helped by being a solo film-maker.


Rafick’s work looks at the human aspect of migration, counteracting the mainstream rhetoric which tends to simplify, undermining the experience of those who move to another country.


Fluent in French and English.

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